Bryn Athyn SEPTA Regional Rail Station

The proposed SEPTA Bryn Athyn could potentially be located at the existing station site on Fetter's Mill Road.

Benefits & Beneficiaries

  • Local Bryn Athyn residents, who will no longer need to traverse the traffic on Huntingdon Pike to use Bethayers Station (if parking is available)
  • Lower Moreland Township - Reduced traffic on Huntingdon Pike from Southampton & Holland residents who currently do commute to Bethayers or Fox Chase Station
  • Bryn Athyn College: existing students will have access to train service to Center City; new and prospective students may find a small college with walkable access to train service as a selling point for the school (Other examples: Villanova (R5 Thorndale), Swarthmore (R3 West Trenton), Holy Family University (R7-Trenton), Univeristy of Delaware(R2-Newark), Del Val College (R5 Doylestown), Drexel(at 30th St. Station)
  • R3 West Trenton Bethayers Station patrons: Since local residents who currently ride SEPTA use the Bethayers station, a restored R8 would free up parking and seating on currently crowded R3 trains, and allow other Abington residents access to the Bethayers Station.
  • Glencairn Museum:As Philadelphia is a destination for international tourists, Bryn Athyn could attract tourists from around the world to visit the Bryn Athyn Historic District .
    Bryn Athyn wins with increased tourism and local spending, but maintains its quiet and tranquil setting without the cars,traffic and pollution.
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    Looking north towards Newtown.

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