Newtown Bypass Transportation Center

The proposed Newtown bypass Transportation Center would be comprised of a station building, surface lot or parking garage, adjacent to PA-413 Newtown Bypass which is 2 miles from Interstate 95. The Newtown Bypass park-and-ride will primarily serve residents of Newtown Township. Since there is a distinct lack of local public transportation in this area, this station will also be highly attractive to residents in Lower Makefield, Upper Makefield, Wrightstown, Solebury and New Hope.

The Newtown Bypass park-and-ride may be a combined rail station and public transit facility for a potential express bus system from Newtown to Princeton and Hamilton New Jersey. Under a separate proposal, this station would be one of several collection points for a limited stop bus route to New Jersey employment centers, and New York bound commuters. This bus route will also attract train riders from points as far south as Upper Southampton who would take a ten (10) minute train ride to the station for a connecting bus to the Hamilton NJ Transit rail station, or job centers in Princeton New Jersey. This would offer considerable time and expense savings for Bucks County residents that travel to New York.


  • With a connecting shuttle service (private or public), local employers and institutions will be able to draw riders from the train. These institutions include: Bucks County Community College, the Home for the Blind, Lockheed Martin, LaSalle University and the Lower Makefield Business Center.
  • Reduced traffic on the Newtown Bypass and Newtown-Langhorne Road
  • New connection to New York and Princeton job market for drive up and rail commuters
  • Reduced traffic on I-95 between the Newtown exit and Woodhaven Road
  • Reduced traffic on PA-232 by removing Wrightstown and Newtown Twp commuters to Warminster.
  • Reduction in vehicle miles travelled for Newtown, Wrightstown, Upper Makefield and Lower Makefield commuters.
  • Increase in property values.
  • Quick Facts

    Municipality: Newtown Township
    County: Bucks
    Projected Daily Ridership: 710
    Train time to Suburban Station: 55 minutes
    Newtown Township adopted a resolution in support of a new feasibility study for restored train service to the Township in December 2009.
    Wrightstown Township adopted a resolution in support of a new feasibility study for restored train service to the region in May 2010.

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