Village Shires Station

The proposed Village Shires Station would be located on Buck Road (PA-532) and the SEPTA rail line. An empty field exists for a small parking facility of up to 400 cars, though most riders would be walkers from the adjacent Village Shires community which is made up of roughly 4,300 residents.

Village Shires was originally built as a transit oriented development in the late 1970's, and began construction of a Regional Rail station, and was planned for opening in 1983. SEPTA suspended train service shortly before the station could have been opened. Remnants of this investment remain in the weeds today.


  • New, walkable transit access for residents of Village Shires.Some provisions will be made for parking and dropping off of commuters, but the primary market for this station is walkers.
  • 90 minute commute to New York city via the Newtown line to the Bypass station, then an express bus to Hamilton rail station (a study for the express bus service is under consideration)
  • Increase in property values due to the close proximity of rail transit to existing homes, most of which are within walking distance to the proposed rail station
  • The rail line in this area is in a depressed cut and does not have any grade crossings. Resumption of train service would have a minimal impact on existing residences.
  • Quick Facts

    Municipality: Northampton Township
    County: Bucks
    Projected Daily Ridership: 550
    Train time to Suburban Station: 52 minutes

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